Each week this season, we will rank the top five of the eight teams according to their most recent results in the competitive scene.  These rankings are based on the team's overall performance in the competitive scene and may include the team's recent results in the Live Championship, VISPro, VIPL or other tournaments.  Please note that the Power Rankings are an opinion piece written strictly for entertainment purposes and for reader enjoyment only.  Power Rankings do not affect seeding for playoffs.

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TSM is looking the strongest and most dominant since the Winter Season. Although TSM had a slow start in VIS, they did not lose a single game in the final three weeks of the regular season. TSM looks to continue their success against HMRS in the first round of the playoffs this Friday.

GS snapped TPHX's 10-game winning streak in the final week of the regular season and showed some promise heading into the Autumn Season. GS missed the VIS playoffs for the second straight season, but their efforts to rebuild their roster are not going unnoticed.

Nem has quietly stayed at the top half of the standings all season long, overshadowed by HMRS undefeated season and TSM's success in the Evil Eight. Nem is still one of the biggest favorites to win VISPRO, especially now with the Cloud9 roster practicing regularly.

After riding a 10-game winning streak, TPHX had their streak snapped by GS in the final week of the regular season. TPHX will face Nem in the first round of the playoffs, a matchup that we've seen many times over the course of the summer season.

For reader entertainment purposes only.  These rankings do not have any effect on playoff seeding. 
For playoff seeding, please see the VIS Rulebook.






HMRS have completed the first undefeated regular season in VIS history,  a feat that will be tough to match. HMRS faces the hottest team in North America and arguably the world in TSM in the first round of the playoffs.



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